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  • Question #1: When does serving alternate?
  • Answer #1: Serving alternates when the current server either performs a good serve or double faults

  • Question #2: Are there material limitations on the stick?
  • Answer #2: No restrictions you can make it out of anything you want.

  • Question #3: Are stalls legal?
    Is performing a hacky sack style stall legal. For instance can I catch the puck on my foot and then kick it up and stick it? Or can I catch it on the stick then throw it back up and stick it?
  • Answer #3: No
    No you must keep the puck moving. While it is perfectly legal to knock it up or kick it up and then stick it, it is not legal to have the puck come to rest then knock or kick it up and stick it. Once the puck hits the ground or comes to a stop it is consider dead.

  • Question #4: Are funneling attachments legal?
    The snow is just barely off the ground here in Michigan, and we already have a major controversy. This involves the use of stick enhancements, which do seem to be encouraged by the council on the website. However, the enhancement in question is an inverted and cut out bleach bottle, which has been duct taped to the stick in such a way as to render sticking-it a no-brainer. (see attached child-like depiction, which will have to do as no pics were allowed by the stick's owner because he is a weasel).

    Notice that the stick protrudes up into the bottle just enough to allow the roll to naturally fall around it after having been "knocked". Essentially the bottle arrangement, due to its shape and placement, guides the roll onto the stick as it falls.

    The claim is that it counts as a stick-it because the roll has clearly extended fully onto the stick, that is to say, the stick is visible above the plane of the uppermost surface of the roll. Further, as there are no apparent regulations as to the attachments/enhancements of the stick which prohibit (even in spirit) this type of arrangement, it counts as fully and completely legal. Worst of all it has been put forth that should the user of this kind of stick impart a quick upward thrust of the stick prior to the stick-it being made, yet after the knock, in which the roll was bounced upward from the scoop area (a distance of perhaps mere inches) and then re-caught and sticked, the result would be a "knock it up and stick it"...an automatic win.

    It is the opinion of a number of us that the adoption of this sort of device, while not technically prohibited by explicit rules, most certainly runs contrary to the designed conceptualization of what the game of stick-it is. However, realizing that this is a pretty big assumption (and also realizing that we were out of beer) we have decided to put the situation in the hands of the HICSE.

    We eagerly await your decision and insight into the resolution of this matter.


    Duly Appointed Representative (by virtue of having the closest PC) the Courtney Street Stickers

  • Answer #4: No they aren't legal.
    First of let me thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Early on we had some trouble with people trying to power game Stick-it and we thought it was over but this is by far the cheapest idea that has been thought of yet. I would like to congratulate the person who thought of it, although from now on it will be cheating.

    Reason for HICSIE decision to ban this can be summerized in the name of the game. It's called Stick-It, not Catch-It and funnel it onto a stick. This is realy no different than someone catching the puck and very quickly placeing it on the end of the stick. Plus if we were to allow a small funnel like this to be allowed for sticking then what would keep people from getting a funnel the size of the court. In short this an excellent example of 'takin the skill out of the game'.

    However this is not to say the attachment is illegal, only the use of it for sticking is illegal. If the other end of your stick is Stick-It legal then you can use it for Stick-Its, and if you want use this weird jug contraption for other things. For instance you could use it to create a extremely unique serve, or to help stop things you think might turn into roll outs.